ECU’s with coded keys in stock



At Motomatrix, we do our very best to cover every aspect of motorcycle immobiliser key coding. Motomatrix do not stop at simply programming new keys to customer’s motorcycles.


We wish to cover every possible aspect of motorcycle immobiliser systems and give our customers the opportunity to get their motorcycle back on the road as quickly and cost affectively as possible without compromise of quality or service We have compiled an extensive database of ecu suppliers.


These trade suppliers are highly valued and respected friends of Motomatrix and have , on many occasions, gone to great lengths to find the ecu’s we need for all makes and models of motorcycles.


We then purchase, clean, test and programme new coded keys to the ecu so they are ready to be dispatched. This service has become very popular and a great success with our customers. Our list of stock, coded ecu’s can change daily. As each ecu comes in, it is checked and programmed, if it has not been reserved or sold instantly, it is then listed on EBAY.


Please click the link at the bottom of this page. If you have a specific ecu you need then please contact us with the make, model and ecu part number if possible. We can then check our current stock and also our list of ecu’s due in that week. If we do not have the part in stock, we will try our best to source the part for you.