Immobiliser Key Programming


Equipment For Professionals.





Motomatrix have combined a cost effective package of advanced programming equipment with detailed, easy to follow instructions and software. This equipment will allow auto locksmiths, scooter repair workshops and motorcycle mechanics to programme or clone new key chips for scooters that have lost all their keys, within minutes.


The package would also be a good profit making small business for mobile scooter key programmers.


With this equipment package from Motomatrix you will be able to programme new keys for Magnetti Marrelli , EFi , etc. control units. The software will cover Peugeot , Gilera, Piaggio, Vespa, Derbi, Aprilia and many more systems, including the latest throttle body CDI. Nearly all scooters with immobilisers are covered. There is also the option to copy a scooter key chip and make a new key chip, ideal if your customer has only one key left.


The scooter key chip making package is simple to use and will allow you to attach wires to various manufactures’ control units and programme key chips.


How to programme new key chips when all keys are lost.


Remove the control unit from the scooter, then attach the wires and the security immobiliser data will be extracted by the programmer and displayed on your pc / laptop. The software will convert the data into key chip data. Then, using the scooter transponder chip writer and software, the key chip data can be written onto a transponder chip. This transponder chip is placed into your key. The Scooter will then start and run as it originally did. SIMPLE !!! …. Both master key and standard key chips can be made. There is NO cutting or opening of the control unit. Three to five wires are attached to the control unit. Just attach the wires and read the data by K-line, then send the data to the key chip maker.


How to make a copy clone key.


Just place the original key in the box. With the software read the key. Take the original key out. Put the new chip in the box. Press write and your new key chip is made. This key chip will be a programmed cloned chip, ready to run the scooter.


What do you get ?

1. A programmer to read the scooter control unit.
2. Step by step, easy to follow instructions and illustrations.
3. Software and drivers for the reading programmer.
4. A key transponder chip programmer.
5. Software for the key chip programmer.
6. Step by step, easy to follow chip programming instructions.
7. Cable connections.


What extra parts will you need to have ?


1. A PC or laptop with Windows 98 , XP (*will not function with vista ).

2. A 12Volt DC power supply ( a 12V scooter or motorcycle battery is adequate ).

3. Blank T5 Transponder chips ( we can recommend to you suppliers of these chips,   if     needed).

4. Keys to put the chips into.

5. And, of course, a little knowledge on how to use a computer.



What does it cost ?


Not very much …

The advanced Motomatrix scooter key chip programming package is only GBP £585.00 including taxes and postage in the United Kingdom. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see how quickly you will regain your initial equipment cost and quickly see large profits. For example Motomatrix charge £130.00 to successfully make new key chips for each scooter control unit.


Others who try to do this, charge up to £250.00. They have to cut open and regularly destroy the control unit. As soon as you have used this equipment for the first two to three times, it will take approx. 3-6 minutes for you to make the new key chips, that is from start to finish (see the video).





As an extra bonus, the software can also allow you to reset the control unit to a virgin state or write key chip data from old keys into the control unit ( this is for more advanced users), if needed.

 * Please note, only some of the control units have the reset and write function.




Scooter control units that are covered by this package.


Nearly all modern scooters can have new key chips made. It is easier to list the control units covered with this package rather than the manufacturers.


This is due to the fact that many manufacturers use the same control units, or manufacture a similar scooter under a different brand name.


The control units are:


Magnetti Marrelli :



ACI500 – 501 – 502 – 503 – 504

ACI600 – 601 – 602- 603-604


MIU1 (throttle body )

MIUG3 ( latest throttle body )


EFI Technology :


ACii , AC21 , AC51 , AC81 , AC21i , AC23i

AC191 , AC20i AC25i


The software can also cover other EFI control units if the pin connection is the same as the above.


*Yamaha scooters such as the x-max have the standard large motorcycle immobiliser systems and are not covered by this equipment. *




Payment can be made on the Motomatrix website.


Go to the payments page, in the description put “Scooter programming package” and the total amount. Choose the PayPal or Credit / debit card payment method, and then send the payment. We will send the items to the address stated on the payment.


** Overseas customers please contact us first for shipping costs **


See the Motomatrix scooter key chip programming video to see how easy it is