Key Cloning



If you are down to one coded key for your bike, then it is time to get your key cloned and have a spare. Key cloning is when you need a spare coded key and still have one original coded key that runs the bike. Your key incorporates various cryptic code in the form of a transponder chip based in the head of your key.


The data inside the original key is digitally read and copied by us, then programmed to a new transponder chip and put inside a new key. This key will look and run your bike just like the original. This method of making a spare key is an ideal solution for those motorcycles that that use a Red Master key system.

The red master key enables the motorcycle dealer to programme new black coded keys to your bike. If you have lost the Red Master key, the dealer cannot make you new coded keys. This is where we step in and make a spare key for you.


Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati and various scooters use a Red Master Key on some of their models. Suzuki, MV Agusta , Moto Guzzi , Piaggio , Gilera, Aprilia , KTM etc, can all have the keys cloned by us . Only Honda and BMW keys cannot be cloned this way at this present time, but all the others can.

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