Programming new coded keys



If you have lost all your motorcycle keys you have come to the right place. Motomatrix specialise in coding new keys for all motorcycles. We use various techniques and programming methods to achieve a professional and guaranteed result. The part you need to send us to be programmed will depend upon the make and model of your motorcycle.


Most coded key immobiliser systems have the keys programmed to the ECU. These manufacturers are Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, and KTM. The manufacturers like Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta locate the immobiliser in the speedo / instrument panel or in a purpose-made immobiliser box. Yamaha locates the immobiliser in the transponder aerial (black box around the ignition lock) and the ECU.


Both of these parts will need to be sent to us to programme the new keys.

What to send us

We supply two new manufacturer’s keys for each immobiliser system programmed. If your motorcycle uses a Red Master key, you will receive a Red Master Key and a black key. If your bike had a pin code for the immobiliser when it was new, we supply the pin code on a manufacturer’s code card.


All systems take approximately 2 working days to programme and are then returned to you, in perfect working condition, but now with two new keys. We are aware of people who are trying to mimic our programming work and leave your parts not working, with large holes, damaged circuit boards, cut wires, etc. These people are not motorcycle programming specialists, they lack in experience and knowledge. If you need your keys programmed, use the tried and tested professionals that give guaranteed results. We are the market leaders for a good reason.