Problem Bikes



Over the past years of programming coded keys and working with ecu’s we have found certain issues with some motorcycle models that frequently re-occur , enough to be noted by us as a trait with that model.


If you are wondering if you have an ecu fault have a look at the bikes listed below.



1. Cbr600 …. ecu part number MBW-D21 , MBW-D41 … these ecu’s continue working the HISS but the fuel injection or ignition stops working. New ecu and keys are needed.


2. CBR 1100 Blackbird 1999-2002…. The ecu gets reported for losing the code in the keys. The fault is, the wiring loom has a corroded connector that shorts out the ecu. The ecu and keys have to be replaced, the connector removed and a wiring bypass made.


3. CBR929 … same as No2.

4. ST1300 … same as No2 . Due to the position of the ecu, the wires going into the ecu become hard and brittle. This causes the wires to disconnect inside the plastic coating.



1. GSXR 600 ecu …. Part number 01H00 The ecu does not generate a spark or other error symptoms. The regulator / rectifier shorts out on this model. The ecu and ignition lock, housing the transponder aerial shorts out due to this. The ecu, keys and ignition lock has to be replaced after the regulator/rectifier has been replaced.


2. GSXR 1000 ecu, part number 41G00 and 41G50. This ecu regularly dies for no reason. A replacement ecu and coded keys is needed.



1. R1 4C8 …. Ecu develops error codes and running problems. A replacement ecu is needed and reset to virgin state to use on the system.


2. FZ6 600 fazer … The ecu fails, error code 54 appears. A replacement ecu is needed and has to be reset to virgin state.


3. All Yamaha error code 51, 52 or err1.. Immobiliser transponder aerial malfunctions due to poor earth connector, light impact, short circuit .The transponder will need to be replaced and programmed to new coded keys and the ECU.


4. Immobiliser shut down …. If a Yamaha motorcycle has less that 100% battery power the immobiliser system can go into shut down and lock out. Replace or charge the battery to full power and the immobiliser will reactivate and work as normal.


Ducati and Aprilia

Some Ducati and Aprilia speedos suffer with moisture. This forms corrosion inside the speedo and causes fault codes to appear. Sometimes the coded keys will work and other time they won’t. A replacement or repair is needed. New keys will have to be programmed. Please use Contact us button below for more information on these motorcycles and others that show possible immobiliser faults.