ECU Flash programming by Motomatrix





Previously a Motorcycle ecu was a sealed unit that had huge amount of pre-programmed data. This control information could not be changed. The data controls the 100’s of functions needed to make your engine preform to the manufacturers specifications.


There are maps to direct which performance data set up the bike uses at a specific time . The manufacturer combines optimum engine performance , reliability, fuel economy, self-imposed restrictions and the most restrictive , the imposed emissions and power regulations for each country worldwide. Many companies produced aftermarket control modules that had performance maps, like the power commander. When the fuelling information left the ecu the module changed the data sent to the fuel injectors which increased BHP, Torque etc.


They were advanced technology when first on the market , but now far outdated. Ecu flashing has increased the amount of parameters that can be tuned by huge amounts, including custom tuning. ECU flashing is when the ecu can be entered and the data and formulas are changed .This is performed by computer software and flash interface hardware that is attached to the ecu either on the bench or on the motorcycle.


The amount of possible changes are huge. Ecu flashing can alter all the commands your engine receives and can turn a standard ecu into a race, performance, ecu or customised to your requirements. Power commander fuel files can be imported and flashed to the ecu if you wish. This process is know as unleashing your ecu. Ecu flashing does not harm your motorcycle it simply allows us to remove restrictions and let your engine run to its optimum ability.


Of course if you change rev limiters etc. put in place to protect your engine, this can damage your bike. Below is a range of standard alterations that can be made to your ecu .


o  Ycc-t Throttle Restrictions
o  Engine Braking
o  Fuel Map Bias
o  High Load Fuel Maps (with PC3 and PC5 map importing)
o  Low Load (cruising) Fuel Maps
o  Fuel Injector Proportioning
o  Ignition Timing
o  Immobilizer Function
o  Cooling Fan Temps
o  Rev-Limiter Control
o  Remove Top Speed Limiter
o  YCC-I RPM Control
o  Idle Speed Adjustment
o  ECU Based Quick-shifting

Performance files are available , these are files that have been made on a rolling road (Dyno ) and race track. These files are tweaked and tuned to increase your motorcycles performance, handling BHP and torque. Send us your ecu and Motomatrix will flash programme your adjustments.


All these functions can be changed at our workshops . If you require your bike to be custom, performance fuel map tuned by flash programming it will have to be tuned on a Dyno.


Motomatrix can direct you to a highly recommended tuning facility for this requirement or to have your bike Dyno checked before and after being flashed.


Motorcycles covered by Motomatrix Flash programming.


All YZF R1 2007 - 2013

All YZF R6 2006 – 2012



All GSXR range from 600 -1300cc , 2005 - 2013

GSR 600



ZX6r 636 Zx600


'Flash performance tuning is for off road use only. Any modifications are programmed at the owner / purchasers request and instructions. Motomatrix cannot be held liable or responsible for any damage caused to your engine or the environment by removing standard ecu stock settings.'