Who Are Motomatrix?



Motomatrix are a professional UK based company that have been established for many years working in the motorcycle and diagnostic electronics industry. We were one of the first companies to ever re-programme the keys for an immobiliser on a Honda HISS motorcycle system, many years ago.


Following that achievement we grew with success after success. At first, we only dealt with the trade. Since that time we have poured vast knowledge, experience and technical equipment, developed by ourselves, into the motorcycle key programming market. We now cover all models of motorcycles for all customers.


Years of highly dedicated work as well as invaluable, extensive experience gained from the early days, to the present moment, have earned us the name of Market Leaders and enabled us to supply to the main Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, and Ducati motorcycle dealers. If you want it done correctly, don’t take a risk, send it straight to us. Our meticulous work, paired with our expert knowledge, grass roots knowhow, and wealth of experience, is to the highest levels possible! All fully guaranteed.


Motomatrix have programmed new coded keys for thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and continue to do so to this day, successfully analysing and developing new key solutions for each new motorcycle as they appear on the market. At Motomatrix we aim at being “the best “at what we do. We live, breathe, dream, work and ride motorcycles - they are in our blood.


The ability to code new keys and programme electronics is only part of the service we give. We also give technical help and advice to all our customers trying to rebuild, race or fault find on their motorcycles. The love of motorcycles is our way of life and always will be.