Reset Yamaha and Ducati ECUs

Resetting an ECU to a virgin state is only appropriate for Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles. In the past, if your Yamaha or Ducati ECU malfunctioned or you needed to change it to another bike, you previously had no choice but to purchase a new complete ECU, transponder aerial, coded keys and a lockset.


Motomatrix have worked on a cost effective solution. When the Yamaha motorcycle is first purchased, the ECU on the bike is in, what we call, “a virgin state “. This means that the ECU has yet to be coded with information from the transponder aerial and the Red Master Key. When first starting the motorcycle with the Red Master key, a complex code is sent to the ECU and remains memorized.


This ECU is then synchronised with the master key and transponder aerial (the immobiliser system). It can then only be used with that particular motorcycle and immobiliser system. It cannot be used on any other motorcycle. Motomatrix can reset a Yamaha ECU back to its new original state called a “virgin state”, ready to be used with any other motorcycle of the same model. The new ECU must be turned on with the owner’s new Red Master key.


The data from the Red Master key and the matching transponder aerial will code into the ECU the same way it did in the case of the original ECU, when it was first turned on. The Ducati IAW 5AM ecu can only be used with the corresponding speedo and coded keys it first came with . If you wish to change it or match the ecu to another speedo and keys we can reset the ecu to virgin state .


This reset ecu will then code to the new system you put it on. We can also switch the immobiliser off in the ecu so it can be used on various other motorcycles of the same model. This is useful if the ecu has been flashed to performance spec and you wish to use it on different race motorcycles We can supply an ECU for a named Yamaha model, subject to stock, or you can send us an ECU you may have from another motorcycle to be reset. Please see prices page .


* If you do not have a Red Master Key, it is not possible to use a Yamaha reset virgin ECU. If this is the case, then please look at Lost keys programming for a solution.